Person signing contract Person signing contract
Person signing contract

To our Customers, Staff, Finance Brokers, Lenders and Shareholders

Three quarters of the way through 2017 now & what a great and stable year it has been! August 4 was our 8 year company anniversary Happy Birthday!

Below are some highlights from this quarter:

  • Liz, Alyssa & Darin Birthday’s
  • We sponsored a hole at a local golf charity day
  • Our staff Courtney ran her first full marathon in 3 hours & 37 minutes
  • stable and consistent gross and net profit
  • bad debts and overdue customers very well managed and stable

Towards the end of this quarter our annual external audit commenced and i look forward to sharing the results of this in coming months.

If you are reading this and are interested to know more about being a shareholder, Broker or partner please call the office on (07) 5443 3863 to discuss.

Dan Fox
Founder and Managing Director