Office team discussing figures and data Office team discussing figures and data
Office team discussing figures and data

To our Customers, Staff, Finance Brokers, Lenders and Shareholders

Thank you once again for taking the time to read the latest news about our business.

We are blessed to run our second chance loan business in Queensland! We are very lucky that most of our clients and certainly all our staff are based in Queensland. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends, customers and partners in Victoria.

From a lending point of view, our quantity of loans continues to decrease but the quality of borrowers continues to be higher. It’s great to help so many people get the second chance they need.

Whilst some of our clients have been affected by Covid19, we continue to use our proactive, step by step process to help them through this challenging time. Our staff have and continue to do an amazing job identifying the clients in genuine need of assistance and helping them through the paperwork to obtain the government safety net payments. We have also created a COVID-19 assistance page to provide those seeking more information on the assistance available.

Some highlights from the quarter are:

  • We have been proactively investing and developing technology to help our team improve the delivery and speed of our loan products to customers. Are we a fintech now?
  • Our website has had a digital facelift, have you checked it out latley?
  • Another reduction in our overdue client numbers.
  • Our business and staff do a lot for the community, both locally and right across the world, but one thing we are very proud of is donating 71,150 bricks towards building a new school building. The goal is 100,000, so we will just push on till we get there.

If you are a finance broker looking for a competitive edge you should be talking to us about providing your clients with the Second Chance they need! Our online portal has been improved further, now offering clients the speed of electronic signing of loan documents.

If you are reading this and are interested to know more about being a shareholder, Broker or partner please call the office on 07 5443 3863 to discuss.

Dan Fox
Founder and Managing Director