Man smiling at computer with coffee Man smiling at computer with coffee
Man smiling at computer with coffee

To our Customers, Staff, Finance Brokers, Lenders and Shareholders

Happy New Year!

What an amazing 2015 we have had at UME LOANS!!!

We have finished our financial wrap up for the end of December 2015 and we are proud to announce that December 2015 was a record month for UME LOANS not only did we help more clients than any previous month we also made the highest monthly profit of any previous month it truly feels good to be helping our clients and when you find something in life that you can make a living from while helping others it’s a wonderful feeling.

  • 100 % growth in our loan book in the last 6 months of 2015 over the first half 2015.
  • Over 100% growth in number of loans written on an annual basis in 2015 over prior year.
  • Our bad debt is well below industry average which is an indication of our close customer relationships and lending procedures.

A huge thanks to our Team Darin, Gary, Shiralee & Sharon who have done a wonderful job and are key to our success. We are also currently hiring new staff to help us manage our planned growth in 2016.

We have expanded our office space in line with our business growth and our new office fit- out has begun. We will continue to invest in business growth and this includes having much more space in the future. I look forward to updating all of you with some photos in the coming months.

Our policy of treating clients with respect and helping solve their problems even in hard times is what keeps our bad debts low, this continues to be one of our ongoing strengths.

Our UME LOANS management team met in December to finalise our 2016 Growth Plan. We have the skills, experience, energy and dedication to execute on our 2016 plan. This involves continuing to help customers obtain the car of their dream even after the banks have said “No” as well as return value for our shareholders and investors.

We are all looking forward to an even bigger and better year in 2016, so watch this space for our regular business updates.

I am always happy to discuss our business so if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to hear about in these updates then please feel free to call the office on (07) 5443 3863.

Dan Fox
Founder & CEO