2020 Quarter 3 Business Update

Written on the 28 October 2020

To our Customers, Staff, Finance Brokers, Lenders and Shareholders

Thank you once again for taking the time to read the latest news about our business.

We are really humbled to help so many clients get the second chance they need. Here is a very cool story from one of our clients, its worth the minute to read (CLICK HERE)

Some highlights from the quarter are:

  • Some of our clients have been affected by COVID-19 and we continue to use our proactive, step by step process to help them through this challenging time. The QLD government have come up with a great tool to help small businesses assess if they qualify for various types of assistance (CLICK HERE)
  • Loan volume is slowly on the rise again as the economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • During this quarter we released our electronic signing capability and can now help our clients even faster and easier. Yes, we are a Fintech now!
  • Strong cash flow during this quarter has allowed us to pay down our wholesale funding facility and keep our interest expense to a minimum
  • Another reduction in our overdue client numbers
  • We have a renewed Management Focus and shuffle of responsibilities which has seen me move back out onto the floor with the team, working closely with them sharing my experiences and basically rolling my sleeves back up. I can also report that I'm loving working closer with my team again.
  • We celebrated Darin's birthday and he enjoyed his favourite caramel cheesecake.

If you are a finance broker looking for a competitive edge you should be talking to us about providing your clients with the Second Chance they need! Our online portal has been improved further, now offering clients the speed of electronic signing of loan documents www.umeloans.com.au/broker.html

If you are reading this and are interested to know more about being a shareholder, Broker or partner please call Dan Fox on 07 5443 3863 or 0401 679 744 to discuss.

Dan Fox
Founder and Managing Director



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