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Our Team

Ume Loans Australia is an Australian owned & operated company. We are a fully licensed lending company and are regulated by ASIC. We were founded in 2009 to provide motor vehicle finance to customers whose circumstances are outside the bank's criteria.  The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was the catalyst for the birth of our company. As the credit markets tightened and finance companies stopped lending many good borrowers were left without funding. Ume Loans now fills this gap in the lending market.

Our Managing Director Dan Fox has had over 10 years of experience (Ge Finance & Insurance & Avco Finance & Insurance) managing loan portfolios worth many millions of dollars and now he uses this experience combined with our proven credit scoring model to ensure strong consistent growth and minimal losses. Our computer system is second to none and gives us fast and accurate documents at the push of a button.

Dan says "Bad things can happen to good people. On many occasions having a small utility bill default or just changing jobs recently does not mean a customer is a significantly high risk. We look at the customer's whole situation and make a balanced and informed credit decision".

Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans
Dan Fox | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Dan Fox

Managing Director

He has had over 25 years of finance experience including:

7 years Westpac Banking Corporation

10 Years Ge Finance & Insurance (previously known as Avco Finance & Insurance)

1 year Capitalcorp Financial Services

9 Years Fox Finance Group

In addition to this, Dan, a former Australian jetski champion is passionate about helping various organisations and holds various volunteer and executive positions with several non profit organisations in Australia. Dan has three children and is passionate about helping customers get the car they want.

Garry Wells | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Gary Wells

Dealer Relationship Manager

Gary has spent most of his career working in the Motor Trade. After 10 years managing large used retail operations he then opened several car yards of his own on the Sunshine Coast. During this time there aren't too many scenarios he hasn't seen. Gary likes to work with a Win/Win approach, making sure that the Customer and the Dealer always get what they want at the end of the day. Gary's years of experience as a small business operator himself also give him an advantage when it comes to working with other small business owners and finding the best funding solutions for their needs.

Darin Sneesby | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Darin Sneesby

Operations Manager

Darin has acquired a wealth of experience beginning with over 10 years in the Finance industry working with GE Finance and Insurance, Avco Finance and Insurance, Capitalcorp Financial Services and the Metro Torque Group. This time spent working with market leaders allowed him to gain many skills across a wide range of financial services.

With 6 years in Senior Management roles with large national organisations he has gained valuable experience in integrated service management.

Darin spends his spare time operating Northside Aikido and enjoys his time teaching this martial art.

Courtney Poskitt | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Courtney Poskitt

Credit Analyst

Courtney has had extensive experience in the customer service industry with over 7 years experience with national companies and enjoyed being able to assist customers to find the right product for their needs. She moved into finance by working at GE Finance where she developed more skills as well as enhancing customer service capabilities. She is passionate about learning and is currently due to finish a bachelor degree of Business in February.

Mike Robinsom-MICM | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Mike Robinsom-MICM

Collections Manager

Mike has over twenty years' experience in the credit Industry which includes running his own Collection Agency and small Business loans/ factoring business.

He is enjoying the new and exciting challenges that UME Loans represents and is looking forward with relish to the expansion of the company and his involvement in this rewarding role.

Mike has just moved to the Sunshine Coast from Townsville and has brought all his knowledge and contacts with him, enabling Ume Loans to have all the processes internal and not rely on external agencies.

Mike enjoys playing Tennis and will start playing seriously once he finds a club on the Sunshine Coast.

Liz Lucas | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Liz Lucas

- Currently on Maternity Leave -

Administration Executive

Liz moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2009 with her 2 daughters. She started her administration role in the motor vehicle industry as the office Accounts and credit control advisor. Liz, also with the same dealership, became a new car sales consultant quickly developing a loyal client base. Liz brings a vibrant personality and positive outlook on life to the UME Loans team. She has been employed to be our utility player and is an assistant to Darin Sneesby and Dan Fox the Managing Director. Liz's strengths stretch outside of the professional industry as she is also very committed to competitive outdoor activities such as Triathlon events, cycling and MTB riding and is a sponsored rider for the Giant Nerang race team and supportively coached by Dennis Taylor.

Britt McCullough | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Britt McCullough

Collection Administrator

I've been within the debt collection industry all my business career. I've grown up on the Sunshine coast and don't see myself leaving any time soon. I am keen to continue growing within the debt collection field and eventually want to study credit management within the AICM. I look forward to expanding my career within this growing company. On my weekends I like to relax and unwind and spend most of my time with my family.

Alyssa Pratt | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Alyssa Pratt

- Currently on Maternity Leave -

Credit Analyst

I have been living and working on the Sunshine Coast my whole life. Since completing a Cert IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking in 2015, I decided to begin a career in the finance industry. I have a keen interest in this field and I have recently started a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking. My aim is to help our customers obtain the best loan to suit their needs.

Mission Statement

To be the second tier lender of choice for borrowers accross Australia

Core Values

Total Commitment And Effort

Outstanding Customer Service

Respect For Each Others

Attractive Returns To All

Ume Loans is a trading name owned by Last Chance Car Finance Pty Ltd ABN 25 138 637 064. Australian Credit Licence Number 383502.