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We give good people the second chance they need.

Ume Loans is an Australian owned & operated company. We are a fully licensed lending company and are regulated by ASIC. We were founded in 2009 to provide finance to customers whose circumstances are outside the bank's normal lending criteria. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) was the catalyst for the birth of our company. As the credit markets tightened and finance companies stopped lending many good borrowers were left without the ability to obtain a loan. Ume Loans now fills this gap in the lending market.

Our Managing Director Dan Fox has had over 10 years of experience (Ge Finance & Insurance & Avco Finance & Insurance) managing loan portfolios worth many millions of dollars and now he uses this experience combined with our proven credit scoring model to ensure we help as many clients as possible with minimal losses. Our computer system is second to none and gives us fast and accurate documents at the push of a button.

Dan says "Bad things can happen to good people. On many occasions having a small utility bill default or just changing jobs recently does not mean a customer is a significantly high risk. We look at the customer's whole situation and make a balanced and informed credit decision".

Dan Fox | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Dan Fox

Managing Director

Dan has had over 35 years of finance experience including:

7 years Westpac Banking Corporation

10 Years Ge Finance & Insurance (previously known as Avco Finance & Insurance)

1 year Capitalcorp Financial Services

16 Years Fox Finance Group

In addition to this, Dan, a former Australian jetski champion is passionate about helping various organisations and has held various volunteer and executive positions with several non profit organisations in Australia.

Dan is married, has 5 children and is passionate about helping customers get the finance they want.

Nathan Drew | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Nathan Drew


Organised individual with a relentless drive to succeed and provide positive outcomes for all stakeholders. Over time he has gained the respect of many and has worked with some of the industry's most successful leaders from both the retail and wholesale finance sectors.

Nathan brings to the table a strong business acumen that includes his ability to identify problems, analyse solutions and initiate the appropriate action to ensure the job gets done.

Nathan's experience and enthusiasm has created opportunities for him to be invited to work within the management committees of various companies to offer his advice in relation to the development of the strategic direction of these organisations as they investigate new opportunities and look to measure and grow their businesses.

Darin Sneesby | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Darin Sneesby

Operations Manager

Darin has acquired a wealth of experience beginning with over 10 years in the Finance industry working with GE Finance and Insurance, Avco Finance and Insurance, Capitalcorp Financial Services and the Metro Torque Group. This time spent working with market leaders allowed him to gain many skills across a wide range of financial services.

With 6 years in Senior Management roles with large national organisations he has gained valuable experience in integrated service management.

Darin spends his spare time operating Northside Aikido and enjoys his time teaching this martial art.

Charlie Watson | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Charlie Watson

Lending Specialist

I have a decade of experience within the customer service industry and have spent the last few years specialising in risk assessment for insurance. Over time, this experience has developed a love for helping all kinds of people accomplish their goals. In my spare time I love exploring new restaurants and binge-watching The Lord of the Rings.

Ford Taylor | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Ford Taylor

Lending Specialist

With over 7 years in the finance and Insurance industry. I have a passion to help and educate people on their finance journey. I like finding solutions to problems and enjoy watching family, friends and clients succeed and achieve their goals. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. In my role here at Ume Loans, I get to give my clients just that!

Favorite quote: Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford.

In my spare time I am typically out Jet skiing or bike riding. To date my longest bike ride is Maroochydore to Noosa and back for a total of 85 km’s. I would like to do the Brisbane 100 someday. On my ski I have circled Moreton Island. My longest Jet ski ride is, Noosa to Fraser Island and back, with a total of 171 km’s.

Shaun Walker | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Shaun Walker

Lending Specialist

Shaun has over 5 years’ experience in the finance field ranging all the way from small Car Finance to large Home loans. Shaun loves helping customers reach their goals and guiding them through the whole process and ensuring they have a stress-free experience, Shaun loves to help customers with complex and varied situations and find solutions to suit each specific customer.

Shaun lives on the Sunshine Coast and enjoys walking the Glass House Mountains and bush trails. If there is a waterfall at the end you will often find him there. A big fan of Movies, great restaurants and recently his wife has introduced him to wine tasting which they both love.

Taylor Hotchin | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Taylor Hotchin

Lending Specialist

I have spent the last 5 years in the finance and pawnbroking industry and in that time, I developed a great passion for helping those who deserve a chance to overcome tough circumstances. In my spare time I love to read, especially about other cultures, countries, and languages so that I might better communicate with people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

Phil Dixon | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Phil Dixon

Senior Account Manager

Born in Mosgiel New Zealand, I moved to Melbourne in the late 80s then 10 years ago moved to Sunshine Coast for a sea change. I have been doing  customer service and collections for over  20 years and love speaking to clients and helping with there needs. I have worked for companies such as AGL and Vodafone. My wife and I love to travel so we try and do this as much as we can. I follow the Super Rugby whenever I can, go the Highlanders!!

Lynley Muffet | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Lynley Muffet

Account Manager

I started my career in the debt collection industry in 2014. My passion in debt collection comes from a genuine interest in assisting clients who may have fallen on hard times. I moved to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney in 2019 to be closer with family. On the weekends I like to spend time with family and relax at home.

Amanda Roberts | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Amanda Roberts

Loss Recovery Officer

I moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast in 2013. I have been in the Debt Collection Field for over 20 years commencing my employment as an Administration / Receptionist for the first 5 years at Forster Mercantile Collections. I worked for 9 years at Receivable Management Limited in which I was a Team Leader for the Council Division, 5 years at SR Law where I engaged in Collections, Customer Service and Legal Proceedings for each state and Fundco Pty Ltd for 5 years, in Collections and obtained a role in managing the Queensland office for 1 year.

I am extremely happy to join the great team at Ume Loans.

I love making people laugh and smile each day as life is to short

Britt McCullough | Ume Loans | Second Chance Loans Australia | Car Loans | Leisure Loans

Britt McCullough

Account Manager

I've been within the debt collection industry for all my business career. I've grown up on the Sunshine coast and don't see myself leaving any time soon. I am keen to continue growing within the debt collection field and eventually want to study credit management within the AICM. I look forward to expanding my career within this growing company. On my weekends I like to relax and unwind and spend most of my time with my family.

Mission Statement

To be Australia's #1 fintec giving customers a financial second chance

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Passionately create Raving Fans

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we provide good people
with a second chance

Our Team

Our Team

Our team is passionate
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Some of Our FAQs

Below we've pulled together answers to some of the most popular questions about Ume Loans.
If there's a question we've left unanswered or you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch with us.

It’s Simple and will take less than 2 minutes to get started.
You can Click the APPLY NOW button at the top right of our website or call us during office hours.
We have put the links here to make it even easier for anyone reading this FAQ


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes

Relax, We’ve got this!
  • We will phone you to fully understand your loan needs
  • We will assess your loan for fast pre-approval
  • Once pre-approved, your loan settlement can happen the same day

As part of our process, we make sure that we protect your credit file and credit score. To get your second chance loan with us, It's important that you don't apply for any other loans right now. If you make other loan applications elsewhere, this will reduce your credit rating and could hurt your chances of obtaining the best loan approval.



Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


We have a fast online and phone call process. Using the latest technologies to help you, we can have a loan pre-approval in place within 24 hours.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


No. We don’t perform credit checks on every application.

Having said that, remember, we are Bad Credit Experts and we love giving people a financial Second Chance. So, even if there is something nasty on your credit file that alone won’t necessarily stop you getting a loan with us as we will take the time to understand and assess your circumstances now.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


As your Lender of choice, we want to ensure that you get the loan approval that you want. We take the time to fully understand your situation and put together the best loan package we can for your individual circumstances. As we give many customers loans who do not qualify for a traditional bank loan, we do charge higher Interest Rates. Please read our Interest Rate Statement below.


If you're not happy with what we are able to offer you, you can simply let us know that you don't wish to proceed with the loan offer and it has cost you nothing.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes



Even with some previous or current credit defaults you may still be eligible for a loan with Ume Loans. Our Lending Specialists are experts in bad credit loans and we take the time to personally understand and assess your financial situation to make sure any loan we offer you is suitable.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


The choice of car is totally up to you. We will finance cars purchased from Car Dealers or Private Sale. Ume Loans also offers a complimentary vehicle finding service with one of our independent vehicle broking services. You can simply let them know what type of vehicle you would like to purchase, and their role is to find you the best vehicle that suits your needs. They will even negotiate the best deal on your behalf to ensure that you don’t pay too much.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


Yes. If you are buying a car, we would always recommend an appropriate car insurance policy to protect you in the case of an accident or theft of your car. As an authorised agent for Suncorp Car Insurance, we can assist with this and include the insurance in the loan. Alternatively, you can choose any Insurance company, just provide us with a copy of the insurance policy noting Ume Loans as the financier.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes



We encourage our clients to pay extra and pay the loan off early.


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Ume Loans company policy is that someone on the loan must be working.

Your weekly or fortnightly repayments will be direct debited out of your nominated bank account on the days that coincide with your income payments.


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No, our minimum loan is $5000.


On most occasions we simply verify your income from your last 3 months bank statements


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


After applying online, you will need to make yourself available to talk to one of our Lending Specialists for around 20 minutes. During this call we will be asking lots of questions to better understand your current financial circumstances so we can offer you the most suitable loan. We will also need supporting documents such as:

  • Latest payslip (or proof of income)
  • Selfie ID (selfie photo of yourself holding up your drivers’ licence, front and back and Medicare card)
  • Latest 3 months bank statements (using our secure, electronic link)

Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes



We use a secure, electronic link to obtain your last 3 months bank statements. This is by far the fastest way to get your application assessed ready for approval.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


Its not a NO, it’s a not now

If Ume Loans is unable to approve your application, we will explain to you why and what you can do to improve your financial situation so that you may be approved in the future. In fact, we have put together an article that details the 5 Steps you should take to improve your chances of getting a loan.


Get started now, it only takes 2 minutes


Ume Loans have a thorough dispute resolution process which is detailed in our complaints process below.

If you are unhappy about anything with your dealings with Ume Loans our Managing Director Dan Fox wants to know about it. Please reach out to Dan on 07 5443 3863 and let him know what you are unhappy about.

We are available for your call between 9:00am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Simply call us on 07 5443 3863

Ume loans finance all types of vehicles, from new and used motor vehicles to leisure vehicles like caravans, boats and jetski's. Below are just some of the product types we finance.

Most of our customers are simply unable to obtain a low interest rate loan due to something unfortunate in their individual circumstances meaning they can’t meet the terms and conditions required for a traditional loan. It could be bad credit from a business or marriage failure, it could be loss of employment or a health issue that caused a financial problem in the past. At Ume Loans we take the time to assess your current circumstances and just because you don’t qualify for a low interest rate bank loan doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan with us. But, please understand that giving people a financial second chance means we take more customer risk and therefore need to charge higher interest rates. This disclaimer explains this to you.

As you are contemplating entering into a loan contract with Ume Loans, we ask that you read the following very carefully. Should you sign a credit contract with Ume Loans after reading this Statement, Ume Loans will presume that you have read every word, understand the meaning and accept the following:

  1. Ume Loans was established as a lender to help good people who find it challenging to obtain loans from traditional banks and finance companies because of their unique circumstances and as such Ume Loans charges higher interest rates due to this higher customer risk.
  2. Ume Loans operates in a very competitive environment, where numerous lenders offer various loans that are different in their approval criteria, terms and conditions, including interest rates charged.
  3. It is possible that some, but not all, of these various loans may be available to you.
  4. For that reason, Ume Loans encourages you to compare what our competitors are prepared to offer you, with our loan terms and conditions.
  5. You are encouraged to take your time making these comparisons and Ume Loans will never pressure you to rush into signing a loan contract with the company.
  6. While we would like your business and make every reasonable effort to offer terms and conditions that are competitive, including interest rates, we may not offer some terms and conditions that at least some of our competitors offer, or the lowest interest rate in the market at the time.
  7. Our terms and conditions, including interest rates charged, are determined according to company policy, company costs, company customer service levels, turnover, consumer risk analysis and what is legally required by law.
  8. We will always attempt to be competitive, we will always attempt to offer fair terms and conditions, but we may not be offering the cheapest interest rate available at any particular time.
  9. Finally, please be aware that a competitor may offer a different term or condition more advantageous to you, or a lower interest rate, but before you attempt the comparison, enquire whether or not that competitor would accept you as a borrower of that particular loan. Your unique circumstances may prevent you from being able to qualify for these other competitor loans. Interest rates are often, at least in part, calculated according to the assessed risk of lending to a particular consumer or class of consumers, and often only certain consumers will be considered by the competitor as suitable for that particular loan. You personally may not meet their lending criteria, or not be considered in that class of consumer to which they are prepared to lend.

Thank you for reading this important Statement.

If you have any questions and/or require further explanation, please ask one of the Ume Loans team.

Ume Loans Pty Ltd ABN 25 138 637 064. Australian Credit Licence Number 383502.